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The Bali Blue Brief

The Bali Blue Brief

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Behold, a masterpiece stitched from the stuff of legends; the heathered fabric is so soft, it's like being hugged by a cloud. This isn't merely attire; it's a first-class ticket to comfort town, designed to cradle you in luxury and hoist your coziness levels to the stratosphere.

This season marks the triumphant return of the TBô Bali Blue Brief, a beloved classic brought back to life by the overwhelming demand of our dedicated Tribe
  • 95% Bamboo Viscose & 5% Spandex
  • Made from environmentally friendly bamboo fabric and sustainable dyeing technology
  • Choose from Briefs, Boxer Briefs, or Trunks

Voted as a community favorite, this limited edition collection is a testament to the power of our collective voice and our shared commitment to comfort, style, and the joy of summer.

Crafted for Comfort, Chosen by You

Why has the Bali Blue Brief captured the hearts of our Tribe? The answer lies in its exceptional composition: a luxurious blend of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex. This carefully selected fabric offers an ultra-soft feel against the skin, coupled with the perfect amount of stretch for a fit that’s both snug and incredibly comfortable. Bamboo’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties ensure you stay cool and fresh, making it the ultimate choice for your summer adventures.

Your Vote, Your Style

The decision to bring back the Bali Blue Brief wasn’t taken lightly. It was our Tribe’s enthusiastic voting that signaled a clear desire for the return of this ocean-inspired hue, reminiscent of the tranquil beauty of Bali's waters. Available in briefs, boxer briefs, or trunks, each option promises not just a pop of color but a promise of unmatched comfort and a flattering fit that respects your form and movement.

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