TBô 3-Pack Commando Comfort - in all 3 cuts

Imagine waking up each morning, slipping into something that doesn't just fit well, but makes you feel good – body and soul. We're here to introduce you to a world where the small things matter, where the way your underwear feels against your skin can set the tone for your entire day. Browse your favorite men’s underwear categories now:

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Where comfort meets cool, our Bamboo Trunks are your daily dose of joy. Step into happiness, one stylish stride at a time.

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bulge enhancing pink trunk


Browse our most colorful Limited Edition men's underwear collections.


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  • tbo-moisture-wicking-underwear


    No more sticky discomfort. TBôs Moisture-wicking underwear will leave your nether regions dry and comfortable. The way they’re meant to be.

  • Odor Controlling underwear

    Odor Controlling

    Antimicrobial, to keep the funk away. Fresh-smelling eggs, no matter the weather. No more unpleasant whiffs emanating from down under!

  • Sustainable Bamboo fabric


    We don’t just take care of your goods, we take care of the planet too! We use the highest quality Bamboo fabric to make our underwear sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Bulge enhancing underwear

    Bulge Enhancing

    Get the perfect frontal profile without invasive techniques. Our next-gen contour pouch will leave your manly package turning heads wherever you go.

  • Temperature Regulating Underwear

    Temperature Regulating

    Keeping you comfortable. Your family jewels will be in 7th heaven with the perfect temperatures below the belt thanks to the temperature regulation of your TBôs.

  • Breathable underwear


    Say goodbye to stuffy, compressed, hard-boiled eggs. Our breathable underwear designs will make sure your jewels get the fresh air they need when they need it.

TBô Men's underwear made of Bamboo

Community-led Men’s Underwear

Underwear designed by men, for men.

As the world’s leading community-led underwear brand, TBô puts community first–and that means you. No more being dictated to by the leading brands to tell you what to wear and when to wear it. 

We have two main goals at TBô. Firstly, to create products collaboratively, with a hands-on approach from the community, and secondly, to ensure our men’s underwear provides unparalleled comfort and self-confidence. 

TBô is more than a community of men or an underwear brand – it's a way of life. We invite you to be a part of a movement that celebrates the art of being comfortable in your own skin, the joy of stepping into a realm of confidence you never knew existed, and the realization that you have the power to inspire others by simply being yourself.. 

Become part of a trend-setting community that is getting noticed worldwide.

Join The Community
  • TBô The First Community-led Men's Underwear Brand featured on Forbes
  • TBô The First Community-led Men's Underwear Brand featured on WWD
  • TBô The First Community-led Men's Underwear Brand featured on RollingStones
  • TBô The First Community-led Men's Underwear Brand featured on Mr-mag
TBô Orange Brief Lifestyle

You can finally have a say in what clothing you want, and how you want it. Say goodbye to being dependent on trends that come and go, because what YOU want matters most.  From men’s underwear like boxers and trunks to daily premium menswear, each piece in the TBô collection is co-created with the feedback of TBô’s global 400,000-strong Tribe community.

This community consists of customers, champions, and advocates of TBô who provide feedback at every stage of production, from concept to shipping.

The co-creation process ensures that every piece we deliver is exactly what you want, with no materials or resources wasted. TBô is here to listen to what you want to wear.

Bamboo Briefs

Step into the realm of confidence and comfort with the TBô Bamboo Briefs. For men who appreciate freedom of movement and dare to step out of their comfort zones. These boxer briefs deliver the perfect fit and feel.

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Bamboo Boxer Briefs

Elevate your everyday comfort with our Bamboo Boxer Briefs. Crafted for men who value happiness from within, these boxer briefs offer a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

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Co-created stuff we're super proud of:

Limited Edition

TBô Bamboo Jockstrap

Unleash your inner confidence with TBô’s Bamboo Jockstrap. Inspired by the belief that men deserve freedom of movement and the ability to inspire, these Bamboo Jockstraps combine minimalism with maximum comfort.

Black Thong Mens


The Thong Prototype

Who says comfort can't be daring? Our Bamboo Men’s Thongs redefine confidence. For those who embrace their individuality and know that happiness blooms when you dare to be yourself. Feel good, feel bold – it's time to thongify your comfort game!

We're busy designing a brand new and better design. You can give your input here: TBô Thong Version 2

Utility Boxer Brief underwear


TBô Utility Underwear

This is not your ordinary boxer brief, in fact, it’s way wayyyy better. That’s because it doesn’t just hug your junk ever so gently. No. It also has three separate compartments so that you can get serious about the adult things in life.

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