The TBô Difference

What’s TBô doing that’s got men totally hyped

Developed by guys like you to fit guys like you, there’s a reason (actually there are a few) why people call their TBôs “the most comfortable everyday men’s underwear.”

1) Co-Creation

Works like democracy but without the politics.

TBô’s products are co-created by more than 400,000 Tribesmen from all over the world.The more people who contribute to the conversation, the better and more innovative the products become. And it’s not just about bodywear, it’s about creating inclusive spaces for men to meet, share and connect.
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2) Sustainable

Made of renewable, organic fibers.

TBô skipped standard cotton in favor of a more planet-friendly organic bamboo blend. Bamboo grows a mind-boggling 36 inches a day! It uses way less water than cotton and flourishes without pesticides. Not only that, but it’s super soft, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for every skin type.

3) ManShaped Pouch

Every day's a boys' night out.

TBô underwear is known for its flyless front that perfectly conforms to a man’s natural shape. The pouch was developed in collaboration with more than 70,000 Tribesmen who asked for a snug fit that supports the goods without constricting them. Freedom and lift combine into a bulge-enhancing design that makes the most of your inches.

4) Comfy Bamboo Fabric

It's like being cupped by a feather.

TBô’s special bamboo-fabric blend is ultra-soft and light as air to ensure the most comfortable fabric-to-skin contact. What’s more, each pair includes anti-chafing features, like a tear-away care label, flush seams and stay-put legs that prevent riding. Put all of it together and you’ve got the next best thing to wearing nothing at all.

 Comfy Bamboo Fabric
It's like being hugged by a feather.
ManShaped Pouch
Every day’s a boys’ night out
Odor Controlling
Antimicrobial, to keep the funk away
Made of renewable, organic bamboo
Bulge Enhancing
Shows off the goods in style
Temperature Regulating
It’s a breath of fresh air for downstairs
It's a breath of fresh air for downstairs
It's like democracy but without the politics