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The TBô Arm Compression Sleeve

The TBô Arm Compression Sleeve

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A compression sleeve is a garment that is worn on the arms or legs to provide compression, which is a steady, graduated pressure on the affected area.

The design of the compression sleeve along with the natural bamboo fabric increases blood circulation while it's smoothness gives you extra sliding ability to keep you agile. The moisture-wicking technology keeps you going for hours while still keeping you cool.

What do arm compression sleeves do?

    • Athletic Use:

    Muscle Support: Athletes, especially in sports like running, basketball, or weightlifting, may use arm compression sleeves to provide support to muscles and joints. The compression can help reduce muscle vibration and fatigue during exercise.

    Improved Circulation: Some athletes believe that wearing compression sleeves may enhance blood circulation, leading to improved oxygen delivery to muscles and faster recovery.

    • Joint Stability:

    Arm compression sleeves for joints, such as the knee or elbow, can offer support and stability. They are commonly used in sports where joint stability is crucial, like in basketball or volleyball.

    • Temperature Regulation:

    Compression sleeves can also provide a degree of warmth to the covered area, which can be beneficial in preventing injury and promoting comfort, especially in colder weather.

    • Medical Use:

    Edema and Swelling: Arm Compression sleeves can help reduce swelling and edema (fluid retention) in the arms or legs. This is often recommended for individuals with conditions like lymphedema or after certain surgical procedures.

    Varicose Veins and DVT: Compression sleeves can aid in managing symptoms associated with varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by promoting blood circulation and preventing blood clot formation.

    • 95% Bamboo
    • 5% Elastane

    Compression arm sleeve size chart:

    • Cuff: Small 5 cm & Large 8  cm
    • Arm: Small 11 cm & Large 12.5 cm
    • Maximum Stretch: Small 14.5 cm to 16.5 cm Large 18.5 cm to 20 cm
    • Length: Small 41 cm & Large 43 cm
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