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Boxer Briefs made with Bamboo. The perfect men's underwear to make your nether regions go "ahhh" in the best way possible! For men who desire increased coverage in their underwear while avoiding additional friction and chafing, TBô covers you with its premium line of bamboo boxers! It's a timeless, comfortable and classic design. Therefore, it's perfect for  men’s everyday wear.

What is the point of boxer briefs?

TBô crafts all of its Boxer Briefs from their signature soft and weightless Bamboo Viscose fabric. Furthermore, all styles incorporate a secure 4” inseam, ensuring complete coverage from your waist down to your mid-thigh while effectively preventing chafing.

TBô’s premier boxer briefs collection offers a variety of colors and styles, meaning there’s something for every man. Whether you prefer low-profile or bold and colorful, TBô has a  boxer brief style for you. And, no matter which colors or styles you prefer, know that you’re getting the world’s most comfortable everyday men’s underwear, co-created with the input and feedback of thousands of men like you.

TBô's signature soft and comfortable bamboo viscose fabric is the foundation of all their men's underwear. This renowned material, cherished by men worldwide, possesses moisture-wicking properties, odor control, and eco-friendly production methods. It ensures you remain fresh and clean throughout your day. Each pair of TBô underwear for men also features a wraparound elastic waistband for a comfortable and snug fit, plus a man-shaped pouch to give your goods the maximum amount of support.

What is the difference between boxer briefs and briefs?

Boxer briefs and briefs are two different styles of men's underwear, and they have distinct differences in terms of design and fit:

Length and Coverage:

Boxer Briefs: Boxer briefs are a hybrid style that combines elements of both boxers and briefs. They are longer in the leg, typically extending to mid-thigh or just above the knee, providing more coverage compared to briefs.

Briefs: Briefs are renowned for their minimalist design, providing minimal coverage. They have a Y-shaped front and typically have a higher cut leg opening. Briefs provide more support in the front and offer less coverage on the sides and rear.

Fit and Support:

Boxer Briefs: Boxer briefs offer a snug and supportive fit. Designers have created them to offer good support for the groin area and provide a bit more freedom of movement compared to traditional briefs.

Briefs: Briefs provide a tight and secure fit around the waist and crotch. They offer excellent support and are often preferred for their minimalistic and classic design.


Boxer Briefs: Boxer briefs have a more modern and sporty look. They are a popular choice for men who want a balance between the support of briefs and the coverage of boxers.

Briefs: Briefs have a classic and timeless appearance. They are known for their simplicity and are often chosen for their traditional style.

Ultimately, the choice between boxer briefs and briefs comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the individual. Some men prefer the comfort and support of boxer briefs, while others opt for the classic style and snug fit of briefs.

Sustainable Boxer Briefs

Furthermore, TBô manufactures all its boxer briefs sustainably using self-regenerating bamboo. As a result,  it consumes less water and land in production compared to conventional fabrics like cotton. And, each order will arrive at your door in minimal, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Therefore, you can feel good knowing you’re lessening your impact on the environment.

And, no matter the season, TBô ensures that your shopping experience is seamless and straightforward, and features more than 8,000 positive reviews from men like you. Order with confidence with fast global shipping, a 90-day money back guarantee, free, no-hassle returns, and 100% secure checkout. 

Each piece in the TBô store is co-created with the feedback of TBô’s global 400,000-strong Tribe community, consisting of customers, champions, and advocates of TBô’s menswear who provide feedback at every stage of production, from concept to shipping. The co-creation process guarantees that every product meets the customer's desires, and it avoids the wastage of materials or resources.TBô listens to what men around the world want to wear.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, check out TBô’s premium line of men’s boxer briefs today! Stock up on your favorite styles, or mix and match for some new looks. Once you experience the comfort and softness of TBô men’s underwear, you’ll wonder how you wore anything else before.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is boxer brief underwear?

It is a style of men's underwear that combines elements of both boxers and briefs. They feature a longer leg cut, offering more coverage compared to briefs. As aresult, theyprovide a snug and supportive fit similar to briefs. Boxer briefs have gained a reputation for their versatility, making them appropriate for a wide range of activities and occasions. Additionally, they boast a modern and sporty appearance.

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What is the difference between Boxer Briefs, Briefs, and Trunks?

Briefs, the most common and arguably the oldest form of men's underwear, are characterized by their snug fit and elastic waistband. They provide coverage for the upper thighs, creating a Y-shaped front. Unlike the childhood memories of tighty-whities, adult briefs come in various sleek designs and colors for a more stylish look. Briefs are ideal for shorter individuals or those with thicker thighs, offering comfort and support.

Boxer briefs, on the other hand, combine the snug fit of briefs with longer leg coverage. Therefore, they are a versatile choice for everyday wear. They come in various fabrics and styles, preventing chafing while providing ample support. Bamboo boxer briefs are a popular choice due to their breathability, durability, and comfortable fit.

Trunks, a shorter version of boxer briefs, offer a middle ground for comfort. They fit closely to the skin, making them ideal for slimmer men. Trunks have a lower waistline and measured length, enhancing the appearance of slim and muscular legs.

Ultimately, the choice of underwear should consider your body frame and style preferences. Regardless of the style, prioritize soft and comfortable materials to avoid chafing. Bamboo fabric is recommended for its breathability and antimicrobial properties. Explore collections of boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Should I be concerned about my sperm count?

Numerous research studies have concluded that there is no substantial variance in sperm count or motility among men who opt for boxer briefs compared to those who prefer alternative underwear styles. While the majority of these investigations compare boxers (loose-fitting) with tighter-fitting options such as briefs or jockeys, the primary concern consistently centers on the snugness of the underwear rather than the specific cut. It is generally agreed upon that men should avoid wearing excessively tight underwear for optimal comfort and reproductive health.

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