Which Cut Is Best? Boxer Briefs, Briefs, or Trunks?

Which Cut Is Best? Boxer Briefs, Briefs, or Trunks?

Choosing the right underwear cut is not an easy task, yet a very important one since you have to wear it daily. So what will it be?

Most men often confuse boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks - and rightly so. At a casual glance, you may not tell the difference between trunks and mid-length boxer briefs. Yet, what you wear can significantly affect how you feel and look throughout the day.

So, how do you tell if you are wearing the right men's underwear? We've compiled a list of the three most common underpants to help you upgrade your wardrobe with a cut that provides the best support and comfort for your everyday lifestyle.


Wearing briefs as underwear

Briefs: Have more skin in the game

This is the most common and perhaps the oldest undergarment that many men are introduced to in life. Briefs are the antithesis to boxers in every way. Briefs are tight and have an elastic band and only cover the upper thighs, creating a distinct Y-shaped front. 

Unlike the tighty-whities that most of us have childhood memories of, adult briefs come in a variety of sleek designs and colors for a more aesthetic and stylish style. If you are short or have thick thighs, you'll find briefs sufficient for your frame. They also provide more comfort by giving adequate support for your "weighted" underpinnings. 

Briefs offer a number of benefits:

  1. They provide better support for the "well-endowed."
  2. They provide a better fit if you have a short frame
  3. They offer more comfort if you have a muscular build or have thick thighs

They fit seamlessly with almost any clothing style

Wearing boxer briefs everyday

Boxer Briefs: stay warmer, longer

Boxer briefs have the same perfect-fitting style as the briefs but are created much longer to cover a third of your thighs. Since they are both snug and long, boxer briefs offer extended coverage and support than regular briefs or boxers, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

Boxer briefs come in various fabrics, styles, lengths, pouches, and cuts that are majorly designed to prevent chafing without being too restricting. This makes them a go-to option even for the most active men. If you are muscular, have a large build, or thick thighs, boxer briefs can provide good protection without sacrificing your comfort. 

Boxers made from materials such as bamboo are very breathable and fit seamlessly with any sort of clothing. Here's why most men prefer bamboo boxer briefs. 

  1. Super durable
  2. Offer enhanced comfort 
  3. Accentuates your package without being too restrictive 
  4. Provides an exceptional fit that goes well with most men's apparel
  5. They come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the right fit for any body size and purpose

Wearing trunks daily may be the best option

Trunks: the middle ground for comfort?

Men's trunk underwear is perhaps the newest style on this list. Trunks are a shorter version of the boxer brief that fit more flush to the skin. Trunks are a perfect option for slimmer men. They snug close to the thighs, giving you the versatility to wear different styles, including the super-skinny trousers without showing. 

Trunks have a lower waistline, so they sit just below the waistline for that stunning look. Their measured length provides just the right amount of flexibility, making your legs and thighs look slimmer and muscular. 

Trunks are popular because they:

  1. Are super comfortable 
  2. Offers sufficient support for your package
  3. Are extremely soft
  4. Don't chafe

Picking The Right Underwear

Undergarments are an essential part of men's apparel. Since there are various styles to choose from, you should look for one that fits your body frame and accentuates your style. You can also choose to mix up several cuts to achieve the most in health and style. 

Whichever underwear cut works for you, it's important that you choose a soft, comfortable material that doesn't chafe. The bamboo material is a perfect option for underwear since it is soft, breathable, and provides superior microbial and anti-odor properties to cotton. Check out our boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks collections to see which cut best fits your lifestyle. 

Words by Jean Pala

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