TBô’s business model is the opposite of fast fashion

You may already have had your say in a co-creation survey. If not, get started right now.

As part of the 400,000-strong Tribe, your feedback guides everything TBô does, from the products that get made, to the design of the website and logo.

Most importantly, your input drives real-time demand. The Tribe gets first dibs on newly co-created products even before production begins. This pre-order phase works a bit like crowdfunding, letting us know exactly how many pieces to produce so we avoid overproduction and waste.

Co-Create a New Product

We walk the talk, from fabric to production to packaging

Let’s start with our base material: Bamboo viscose.

All TBô bodywear is made from this exceptional fabric. Not only is bamboo a quickly renewing plant (it can grow 36 inches in a single day), but it also requires far less water than cotton and thrives without pesticides.

Even so, you can’t call yourself a sustainable brand, just because you use a sustainable material. It’s what happens in the production process that matters. We take the responsibility for TBô’s entire supply chain seriously by visiting every factory, supplier and partner in person and requiring them to meet these rigorous certifications:

  • The OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 designation means that every piece of your TBô garment (from the thread to the elastic) has been tested and found to be free of harmful substances.

    The extensive testing looks for a broad spectrum of substances, more than just those which might already be banned or regulated by national or international laws.
    This means that, when you buyTBô, you’re getting a non-toxic garment that protects both your health and those of the people who made it.

  • TBô’s partner factories are BSCI Certified to meet international labor standards outlined by the International Labor Organization and UN Charter for Human Rights.

    Amongst BSCI’s list of 11 regularly audited criteria are decent working hours, fair remuneration, occupational health and safety measures, the right to collective bargaining, legal protections for workers and zero child labor. 

  • TBô’s commitment to sustainability continues once your garment ships.

    The product arrives at your door in a thin cardstock envelope that’s both recyclable and biodegradable.
    Inside you’ll find your order, pure and simple. 

    We’ve done away with superfluous garment tags and packing materials to give you a waste-minimizing experience from start to finish. 

We give back in funds and product

TBô is proud to give back to the planet.

One percent of TBô’s annual sales goes towards highly vetted environmental and humanitarian non-profit agencies. As part of the Tribe, once again it’s you who decides how the money will be spent and the products distributed. You can weigh in right now on which of the seven core funds you’d like to support: Climate, Food, Land, Pollution, Water, Wildlife or Humans, as well as any specific project or initiative you’d want TBô to support.

And because having underwear should be a basic human right, TBô works with registered emergency shelters and relief organizations to supply products to those in need.

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