"Collaborative Creation (co-creation) is not only the future of bodywear, it’s the future of how consumers interact with brands as a whole."

What is Co-Creation?

Imagine democracy without the politics.

Traditionally, fast-fashion retailers and designers have been the ones to tell you what to wear and when to wear it. Those days are gone.As a TBô Tribe member, you have the ultimate freedom to decide what your ideal bodywear should look and feel like.

Start Co-Creating Now
  • Ideation

    Tribe members pitch new ideas

  • Design

    They define each element of the product

  • Prototyping

    They test beta versions and share feedback

  • Pre-Orders

    They confirm demand so only the right number of the final product is made

  • Production

    The products become a reality according to the Tribe’s specifications

  • Delivery

    Orders go out in personalized, sustainable packaging

The AHA Moment

When Roy and Allan sent out the first TBô survey in 2017, they were nervous. 

They had no idea if their network of friends, family and acquaintances would take the time to answer 20 questions about men’s underwear—or worse, if people would think it too personal and maybe even a little nuts. But the guys pushed through and hit the send button. 

They couldn’t believe it when they got a response rate of over 40%. Nor could they believe how overwhelmingly positive and—more importantly—constructive the feedback was. 

Turns out men had lots of opinions about their underwear, they just hadn’t had the space or invitation to share them. Until then.  

It wasn’t long after that Roy and Allan gave this space and invitation a name: They called it “co-creation” and it’s what today’s TBô is all about

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