The Ultimate Guide on Bamboo Underwear

The Ultimate Guide on Bamboo Underwear

Cotton has been the favorite choice when it comes to fabric and especially for underwear. But recent understanding on comfort and research on sustainability has made bamboo fabric a winner. There are many reasons why. 

Keep reading to find out:

  • Is bamboo underwear safe? (Please all of these to the same section in this article)
  • Is bamboo underwear ethical & good for the environment?
  • Is bamboo underwear quick drying?
  • Is bamboo underwear good for hiking?
  • Is bamboo underwear Canadian?
  • Can bamboo underwear cause a rash?
  • How can you wash bamboo underwear?
  • How is bamboo underwear made?
  • How much does bamboo underwear cost?
  • Is bamboo underwear as good as cotton?

Is bamboo underwear good/safe to wear? 

Yes, bamboo underwear is safe to wear! The fabric contains antibacterial properties that keep your private parts clean & moisture-free throughout the day. Also, bamboo fabric is much softer than other fabrics out there and won’t irritate your skin or chafe it. It is a naturally occurring material free of chemicals, it is proven to be mildew resistant which helps fight some of the bacterial build up in your regular underwear

Bamboo fabric is also wrinkle free so you look better, for longer. It looks good on you and when kept in your drawer as it is much easier to maintain without it looking disorganised. 

Is bamboo underwear ethical & good for the environment?

Image with a panda gentle closing eyes and taking a nap

For sure. Let’s see why. 

A lot of people think Bamboo is a tree but it is not. It is a fast growing grass! Bamboo is known to grow up to one meter per day. This means the harvesting can happen on a yearly basis where the plant is not killed or uprooted. Ultimately, this helps keep the top-soil in place and the land stays intact. 

If you’re worried about Pandas missing out on their food, please note that they eat a few types of bamboo like the arrow bamboo & the black bamboo and not so much the ones used for textile production. The ones used to produce fabric would actually be the moso bamboo that is super easy to grow and doesn’t even need pesticides for cultivation. 

Is bamboo underwear quick drying?

Bamboo is a naturally occurring breathable fabric. This means it let’s the sweat and moisture out pretty quick while it keeps you dry and comfortable. If you’re going to have a long sweaty day or love playing high intensity sports, this is definitely much friendlier than cotton or linen that traps moisture and heat within the fabric. 

Is bamboo underwear good for hiking/ playing sports?

Absolutely. Imagine wearing soft, well fitted and comfortable grass on the gentlest parts of your skin. That’s exactly what wearing bamboo underwear is about. Bamboo is a natural fabric that allows air to pass through and keeps the sweat in check letting you run around and have all the fun. It’s definitely an all purpose wear. It’s probably the only common thing you can wear to a friend’s barbecue party and while playing a professional tennis game!

Is bamboo underwear Canadian?

Bamboo is widely cultivated in East-Asian countries and the fabric is generally sourced from there. At TBô, the designs are made in Zurich, Switzerland and the products are sourced from Asian countries. 

Can bamboo underwear cause a rash?

Bamboo underwear is made from a naturally occurring hypoallergenic fabric which is pesticide-free. The chances of chemicals seeping into the fabric and making it uncomfortable and causing rashes is unheard of. The breathable fabric not only makes you feel clean but makes you feel sexy. It fits well while it supports your man parts and let’s them breathe.

If you do get a rash, it is best to consult a doctor immediately as there might be other underlying causes for this. 

How can you wash bamboo underwear?

Bamboo underwear is best washed in a cool temperature with mild detergent. You can machine wash this or give this a quick hand wash. If the water is too hot, the bamboo fabric tends to shrink. It’s best to avoid very harsh chemicals or bleach but that also depends on how soiled the underwear is. A small amount of heavy-duty detergents are safe to use too. 

How is bamboo underwear made?

Bamboo underwear is made from natural moso bamboo which is largely used in the manufacture of textiles. After harvesting bamboo, it is checked for quality and then the next process begins. It is reduced by shredding and crushing. After this, it is treated to make the enzymes in the bamboo break down and then turned into soft fibres for production. Finally it is made into soft, breathable fabric which is used to make the bamboo underwear.  

How much does bamboo underwear cost? 

Bamboo underwear is competitively priced and is similar to the cost of cotton underwear. It is a superior fabric to cotton and is priced surprisingly well. You can check out some of the best bamboo underwear here. 

Is bamboo underwear as good as cotton?

No, it is better! Bamboo is a soft and durable material. Unlike cotton, it is also hypoallergenic and naturally microbe resistant. The best part about bamboo underwear is not only does it feel good, it looks great too. Hugging your body and giving it the shape it deserves is what bamboo underwear can offer that no cotton underwear can. 

To add to this, bamboo is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. You can read more about it here. 

Words by Sneha

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