Craziest sex positions

Discover The Craziest Sex Positions

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond doggy style and the steadiness of missionary? Welcome to our exploration of the craziest sex positions, these sex positions are for adventurous souls seeking to try new positions that can help you unlock different types of orgasms and new kinks and simply have more fun.

Butter Churner

Butter Churner

Photo Credit: Women's Health

The butter churner is a yoga-meets-sex position in which the receiving partner is inverted in the 'plough' position.

To get Into the Butter Churner Position, Follow These Steps:

  1. The receiving partner lies on their back and then lifts the lower half of their body by propping themselves up with their hands on their lower back.

  2. The receiving partner uses this leverage to push their butt in the air so their feet are either up above them, or their body is folded in half with their legs and feet on either side of their shoulders/head. (This will vary based on personal mobility and flexibility) 

  3. The penetrating partner stands with their feet on either side of their partner and squats down to penetrate with their penis or a toy. 

The Helicopter Sex Position 

The Helicopter

Photo Credit: Business Insider 

This position is not for the faint of heart, and it requires the penetrating partner to have some pretty significant upper body strength. So, if you're looking for an athletic and wild sex position to try, look no further.  

Getting into the helicopter position can be difficult, so practice and patience are key. You might even want to try it with clothes on first to get a feel for how your bodies will need to operate, getting your form right without worrying about penetration yet

To Get Into The Helicopter Position, Follow These Steps:

  1. The partner being penetrated assumes a position on hands and knees, gradually lowering onto their elbows for stability.

  2. The penetrating partner positions themselves alongside the receiving partner, aligning their hips either to the left or right, facing their partner's feet.

  3. Placing their hands on the ground away from their partner's feet, the penetrating partner raises their legs over their partner's buttocks to insert their penis or strap-on into their partner's vagina or anus, maintaining their legs elevated throughout the motion.
Snow Angel
    Snow Angel

    Photo Credit: Women&home

    If you’re a big fan of classic missionary and love to 69, then the snow angel is going to be one of the best sex positions to help you orgasm as it's a great combination of the two. It’s a playful position that offers new angles and a whole lot of stimulation for both partners. 

    To Get Into The Snow Angel, Follow These Steps:

    1. Get ready to make your own steamy version of a snow angel: the penetrating partner assumes a dominant position, lying on top with their head nestled down by the bottom partner's legs, ready to ignite the passion.

    2. Feeling the heat, the bottom partner lifts their legs, wrapping them around their lover's lower back, creating an enticing elevation of their pelvis, inviting smooth and effortless entry into ecstasy.

    It’s a playful position that offers new angles and a whole lot of stimulation for both partners. The person on the bottom is very much in the driving seat in the snow angel, as they control the whole movement by grabbing onto the top person's bum and pushing them as rapidly or slowly as they like. 

    Reverse Missionary

    Reverse Missionary

    Photo Credit: Kinkly

    The reverse missionary position is an intimate vaginal or anal sex position. It gets its name because the receiving partner lies on top of the penetrating partner. This is the reverse of the positions in traditional missionary style sex. The reverse missionary position is excellent for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Ensure you are both fully aroused to make the most of this position.
    Lubricants can enhance reverse missionary sex.

    To Get into The Reverse Missionary, Follow These Steps:

    1. The penetrating partner luxuriously reclines on the bed or floor, ready to indulge in the upcoming passion.

    2. Seductively, the receiving partner mounts their counterpart, leaning forward until they're both lying down, locking eyes in an intimate embrace.

    3. Together, they synchronize their movements, grinding their bodies in perfect harmony, or take turns leading the dance of desire.

    4. In this passionate exchange, either partner can seize control, dictating the rhythm, angle, and intensity of their shared pleasure, fueling the flames of their mutual ecstasy.

      The Amazon Sex Position

      The Amazon

      Photo Credit: Business Insider 

      Almost like a reverse missionary, it involves the person being penetrated straddling their partner. If you're looking to try new things in the bedroom, the amazon position comes in three variations: standard, reverse, and kneeling. It's all about finding what's comfortable for you and your partner. 

      The standard amazon position gives the top person control on how deep and the speed at which they're being entered.

      To Get into The Standard Amazon Position, Follow These Steps:

      1. Begin with the individual wielding the penis or strap-on reclining provocatively on their back, inviting anticipation.

      2. Seductively, they draw their knees upward towards their chest, setting the stage for an intimate encounter.

      3. Facing them, the partner to be penetrated kneels, their desire evident as they position themselves between the awaiting legs.

      4. With fervent longing, the partner being penetrated slides their supple torso between the other's bent legs, their feet grounding firmly on each side of their partner's hips in an enticing squat.

      5. Succumb to passion as penetration unfolds with a seamless glide onto the awaiting partner, igniting flames of desire.

        Reverse Amazon 

        Reverse Amazon

        Photo Credit: Business Insider 

        This variation allows the person being penetrated to rest on their partner and provides easier access to anal sex. To do it, the partner on the bottom follows the above steps 1 through 2 while the partner being penetrated: 

        To Get into the Reverse Amazon Position, Follow These Steps:

        1. Kneel facing away from your eager partner, positioning yourself tantalizingly between their legs, teasing anticipation.

        2. With an enticing motion, slide your sleek torso between the inviting space formed by the bottom partner's calves, heightening the anticipation.

        3. Place your feet or shins provocatively on either side of your partner's hips, signaling your readiness for what's to come, sending shivers of excitement through both of you.

        Kneeling Amazon

        Kneeling Amazon

        Photo Credit: Business Insider 

        To Get Into the Kneeling Amazon Position, Follow These Steps:

        1. Slide into the alluring Amazon stance, but this time, lower your knees with a sensuous grace, intensifying comfort and igniting desires with the perfect angle for ecstasy.
        2. As you sink into this seductive posture, sense the tension melting away for your eager partner below, setting the stage for a tantalizing journey into intimacy.
        3. Embrace the delicious shift in angle, anticipating a cascade of newfound sensations and boundless pleasure for both of you, fueling desires for uninhibited exploration and indulgence. 
        In conclusion, these sex positions offer a diverse range of experiences for partners to explore and enjoy. Ultimately, they serve as avenues for partners to deepen their connection, enhance pleasure, and embark on sensual journeys together.

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