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Top 10 Gaming Teams in the World

14 Oct 2021

The popularity of competitive gaming is enormous. The most successful eSports teams send their top players to compete in various eSports events across the world.

Here the question arises: Who are the most famous teams in eSports?

Team Liquid

Team Liquid was formed in 2000 and is a multi-regional eSports team based in the Netherlands. This eSports squad has more influential and accomplished guys than ever. It started out as a StarCraft community but only took a year to get up and running.

Squad Liquid originated as a StarCraft squad, but after discovering a Dota 2 team in 2012, they began to expand. They began to sign major personalities in the eSports industry. This cemented their position as the finest.

Team Liquid has a lengthy history as one of the world's best eSports teams. They are a competent and successful firm that so many aspiring teams look up to. In the video below, this team welcomes its newest member! Check it out. 

FaZe Clan

The FaZe clan has the most social media following of any squad. It's one of the world's best-known eSports teams. They have acquired over 20 million subscribers throughout all social media networks since their beginning in 2010.

They became well-known when they were dubbed FaZe sniping. They now have broadened out and are currently active in a variety of eSports games. They are a Los Angeles, California-based American team. You can see them play “Squid Games” in the video below. 


Cloud9 is a professional eSports team headquartered in North America. Former Team SoloMid manager Jack Etienne purchased the Quantic Gaming League of Legends team for $15,000 in 2013, and it was formed in 2013.

After several years, the squad had grown into one of the world's best gameplay teams. It has been one of the most valued eSports teams at the moment, according to Forbes, with a worth of over $150 million. 

In the video below, Cloud9 welcomes one of it’s new entrants, Avril. I personally like the style in which the video is made. 

Team Vitality

Some of the finest eSports players in the world call Team Vitality home. They are dedicated to the progress and expansion of eSports. The squad was formed in 2013 and has had success in a variety of eSports games, including League of Legends.

With over 20 million followers across various social media accounts, it is one of the most popular eSport teams in the world.

G2 Esports

Though being a Spanish team, G2 Esports is based in Berlin. They're recognized for their work in eSports games including Clash Royale, also Rocket League, "Hearthstone", CS: GO, and League of Legends.

Since its inception in 2013, the team has made great success in the world of eSports. In 2016 and 2017, G2 won the Prestigious League of Legends Championship Series. In 2018, they took it a step further by winning the Legends World Championship. In the video below, the team discusses which season was the worst, worth a fun watch!

Global Esports

The Dota 2 T17 Pubstomp was hosted by GE at Out From The Blue in Mumbai in 2017. The team portrays itself as a professional eSports organization that puts players first.

They have Dota 2 teams, including CS: GO teams, also Apex Legends teams, Fortnite, PUBG teams, and much more. GE has a total of 12 eSports teams throughout the world, with a total of 9 major trophies. If you’re wondering what are the top 5 mobile games, check out this video. Mind you, language might be a barrier, so turn on the sub-titles!


The Fnatic eSports squad was founded in the United Kingdom in 2004 and has since developed into a formidable force. The squad competes in a number of games, with Dota 2, along with League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: While Global Offensive being its main emphasis.

In 2011, they created history as the very first League of Legends World Champions. Fnatic has won several eSports tournaments throughout the world, but they are most known for their achievements in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. From 2015 to 2016, they controlled the game. Their illustrious lineup has won six LAN events in a row. They also have the longest "Legend Status" run, having won 12 championships in a row.

Because of their popularity, they've been able to branch out into other games like Street Fighter V, FIFA, and Fortnite.

Team SoloMid

TSM is an esports team headquartered in the United States that was founded in 2009. Andy Dinh, often known as "Reginald," a renowned professional League of Legends gamer and entrepreneur, created it.

TSM has featured in League of Legends & Hearthstone tournaments, among others. They're also popular in battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, and a variety of other eSports. TSM has a market capitalization of more than $250 million. Probably the most successful Youtube creators in this category as well, here’s a video of Mayumi answering fan questions!

100 Thieves

100 Thieves, often known as 100T, is an eSports organization founded by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, a well-known COD player. The company's headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. They describe themselves as a game firm and a lifestyle brand.

A few months after its launch, 100T boomed, gaining sponsors from a wide range of industries. Among them are Razer, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Red Bull, to name a few.

NRG Esports

NRG eSports, based in Los Angeles, is a very well known eSports team. The group plays Clash Royale, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Dragon Ball FighterZ, also COD, and a range of other eSports games. In its few years of existence, the team has scaled the eSports ropes and is set to flourish in the coming.

Here’s a fun video of the team reacting to their worst tweets!

Written by: Teena Martinez

14 Oct 2021
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