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T-Bô Tribe got a FULL Page in the UK's Fashion magazine Underlines

T-Bô Bodywear

Just in time for the week... the T-Bô Tribe got a FULL PAGE in the UK's fashion magazine Underlines! In this interview, we explain WHY T-Bô started, HOW we - the T-Bô Tribe - live co-creation in everything we do, and some other topics... like OUR WORST MOVE SO FAR....

You gotta fail along the way to win ;-)

Allan and Roy, the co-creators of T-Bô, share some personal favorite moments, what sports they're into and what they do in their free time (free time is important!!)

Anyways.... read it for yourself and let us know on FB Messenger, IG or FB what you thought about it!

T-Bô in UK's fashion magazine Underlines

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