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Steps To Turn Your Home Space Into A Man Cave

04 Nov 2021

Building a gym at home can keep you motivated to work out every single day and avoid excuses.

1 - Build a home gym from concrete

You can make concrete weights at home for cheap. In brief, all you need is to mix water and concrete. You can also use sheets of thick paper and duct tape to create custom molds.

Depending on the mold size, you will get varying weights. After 24 hours, hammer the edges and/or flip it and let it fall off. Of course, you better use a soft towel to prevent it from breaking.  

2 - Use your gaming PC as your journal of physical fitness

To achieve the best results, strength training must be progressive. As you might know, you have to take the exercises to failure while keeping good form, regardless of your level. But during later workouts, you should do more reps to build maximum muscle.

Your gaming PC can become your personal fitness archive. For one thing, you can use it to keep track of your rep counts. You can create logs regarding your training programs and rest periods.

Above all, you can take note of what bodyweight workouts caused your injuries. By analyzing your errors and improving your form, you can find the best routine and stack the exercises aptly.

3 - Use your hoodies as gym clothes

Man in hoodie working out against a dark background

Your hoodies can make losing weight easier. Of course, wearing a hoodie during a workout causes your body to lose water. But sweating is not the reason why hoodies are beneficial.

A hoodie keeps your body warm. For example, if you hurt your shoulder or elbow, your hoodie makes it possible to work around the pain without causing additional stress on the joint. This means that you can keep working out and lose weight faster.

4 - Turn a windowless space into a yoga studio

Ginger cat sleeping on a Yoga Mat

Enhance your recovery by creating a room for doing Yoga Asanas. In short, Asanas are about how the body flows and the art of holding postures comfortably. Above all, it requires concentration and the calm setting that a windowless space provides.

Always choose comfortable mens clothing when doing yoga. Soon, you will be ready to connect to the breath to calm down and ground yourself during the relaxing poses.

5 - Decorate your home gym as a place you want to go to

Having a space that you enjoy being in will increase your motivation. As well as increase the likelihood that you spend time there working out. So, decorate your basement, attic, or garage the way you want it.

Spend time gathering all the material, exercise equipment, and paint you need to create the perfect workout zone. Better yet, decorate a portion of it and develop it over time.

Find posters with inspirational quotes from video game characters. Or, if you are not into gaming, choose a style you like. Perhaps, you always wanted a rustic-style home gym where you could also feel at ease when you fancy reading a book. Be creative! Change it over time!

6 - Add a rock-climbing wall

Woman in shorts climbing colorful rocks

Here is an idea that works great in the bedroom. Or anywhere where you can put enough mats to stop you from hurting yourself if you fall. An indoor climbing wall adapts to any wall. But it is especially great for slanted walls that create an overhang.

The first step is figuring out all the necessary measurements. In brief, you need to plan how the framing will fit in the dedicated space. Also, you may want to consider the roof pitch to get the right angle if you are building an overhang frame.

Creating a frame that sits against the walls will protect the walls from any damage. Plus, it will support the overall structure while you hold on to it. The bigger the climbing wall, the better the chances to develop finger, arm, and core strength as an extended route allows for more exercise.

7 - Put some comfortable foam floor squares on the floor

Interlocking foam tiles and mirrors can turn any space into a classy home gym. All in all, they help with your form and focus more on the exercise you are performing.

Thick and heavy mats protect your foundation as well as your home gym equipment. Even if you are not doing heavy deadlifts or dropping bars from overhead, they help distribute the force across your foundation. At the same time, they will ensure a safer surface and preserve your joints.

Words by Raj Ravindran

04 Nov 2021
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