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How Men Can Get the Best Deals on Black Friday

12 Nov 2021

The time has come, dear gentlemen. If you haven't already done so, it's time to start preparing for Black Friday. And even if you have organized yourself well, there are always ways to make the most out of any shopping situation.

Whether you're looking for your girlfriends/spouse or your holiday gifts, another pair of your favorite jeans, or just some underwear, there are several great opportunities to get high-quality items at discounted prices. That is if you know how to approach this day strategically!

Here are a few ways men can save money on Black Friday.

Checking Out the Ads and the Apps

Tattooed hand scrolling on the phone

Some ads come in hard copy, but most of them are available online. The best place to start your search for Black Friday coupons is with your favorite store's website. 

There are many apps available nowadays which help people find the best deals on Black Friday. You can find some of them on your smartphone, tablet or even PC. Some even allow you to sign up for notifications and alerts that will send you text messages as soon as items you're interested in go on sale. There is also a great variety of print ads available with coupons and discount offers.

Researching Before Black Friday

It's most likely that many stores will have their Black Friday Promotions online already. But most of them won't start until Thanksgiving or even later in the week. If you are not interested yet, you can put them away for now, but make sure to check back again after they are live! 

With all the hype about big discounts offered during Black Friday, some people don't bother to research at all. But you won't get a good deal if you don't understand what you are buying. Research the store's website, read reviews over their products. The more you know about a certain product, the better deals you get.

Looking for Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

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Many retailers offer big discounts during their opening hours on Thanksgiving evening or at midnight on Black Friday. Some stores are also opening earlier, which means that you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of these offers if you're willing to wake up early enough.

The early bird does get the worm. Black Friday deals start this coming Thursday when shopping at many stores. Deals also vary from store to store. Some stores will have sales from the time they open up on Thanksgiving Day until 3 a.m. the following day and then again from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Comparing Prices

Many stores offer price matching, so check with your favorite store's website for details about their specific Black Friday sale. This way, you can find out which store has the best deal before making any decision.

It may sound obvious - but it still makes sense to compare prices before buying items in bulk or purchasing multiple items from the same retailer. You may have noticed certain price tags showing different prices for online and in-store purchases, so make sure to check out both options before placing your order!

Planning Where to Shop

Many stores will have Black Friday deals at various locations around town or in different states, so check with your favorite store's website for their specific location. Make sure that you check for the correct location and always check for opening and closing times.

If you aren't familiar with Black Friday shopping, it may be a good idea to team up with your spouse or another family member. Some stores will allow you to purchase underwear, bamboo, briefs and more than one item during Black Friday (which means that if you're looking for his and hers holiday gifts, this is the perfect opportunity to get them both).

Understanding Store Policies

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Despite the big discounts offered, stores still need to make a profit during Black Friday. There will be some terms and conditions you might want to read before taking advantage of specific deals during Black Friday. Always read everything carefully before making your purchase, as some specific items may have limited availability or quantity during the sale. 

You want to find out if the store has a no-return policy or try-on policy for items you buy during Black Friday. Ask to know whether there's a limit on how many things you can purchase. Also, check the store's website for specific Black Friday deals, as they may have some exclusions. For example, particular brands are excluded from discounts.


So, these are some male-friendly shopping tips for Black Friday. You don't have to brave the crowds or wait in long lines during this big sale. These tips will help you get great deals with your favorite store's Black Friday sale without sacrificing your sleep and sanity!

Words by: Kian Crogers

12 Nov 2021
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