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Best Fitness Trainers In Social Media
Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to keep up with your favorite trainers and fitness enthusiast. Here is the list of our Best Trainers in Social Media.

Best Fitness Instructors

An amazing yoga instructor whose feeds on Instagram is inspirational. If you want to improve your mobility, balance, reflexes, and proprioception, just visit him at this link

Best Fitness Trainers

This Trainer and a Wilhelmina Model share his workouts and his shredded body on his Instagram account. He was also featured on some of the fitness blogs and magazine that shows how he is an inspiration to others as well.


Best Fitness Trainers

A World Champion Kickboxer, actor, and a model! His Instagram Feed shows his boxing workouts, hard-rocking body, and funny side!


Best Fitness Trainers

A Yoga and Calisthenics Instructor who shares his projects, training, and workshops on his Instagram account. He is the Head Coach at the Body Weight Gurus that aims to help you create a better connection with your own body, alongside the benefits of added strength, coordination, control, and balance. 


Best Fitness Trainer

Rob Riches—A trainer and fitness model and one of our favorite in fitness. His determination and a positive attitude go a long way when all you want to do is veg out on the couch. Try one of his bodyweight workouts for yourself.


Best Fitness Trainers

Dragos is originally from Romania but has come to the UK to push his training to the next level. After scrolling through his feed, you’ll see the workouts and how his body's shredded. He has also won in WBFF Pro Card in 2015.  Try his workouts once and we promise you’ll be hooked.


Best Fitness Trainer

BJ Gaddours Instagram Feed is inspiring. He was also featured in some of the fitness blogs and Men Health Magazine. Follow his Instagram account to see more exercise you can do every day!

Best Fitness Trainers

Jye Cassidy is always delivering something new. His workouts and his hotness are all over his newsfeed, and with his random sprinkling of motivational messages. His video about his transformation is very inspiring! See it here


Best Fitness Instructor

Roger Snipes will help you kick your routine up a notch.  His exercises are designed to get ripped as quickly as you can. 


Best Fitness Trainers

London-based trainer James Alexander Ellis has this ultra-lean and muscular body most guys would kill for. Sharing fitness and inspiration on his Instagram and Facebook about. He posts daily about what he’s up to in the gym and what he puts on his plate. It clearly works for him.