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7 Reasons Why Men are Switching to TBô Underwear

18 Jun 2021

Learn why men are discovering TBô as the best brand for men’s underwear.

Men all around the world are switching to TBô Underwear! What’s with all the buzz, and more importantly, why should you give TBô a try?

I’ve got seven reasons for you. Ready? Let’s jump in.

1. TBô underwear is made from the best fabric on Earth 

TBô underwear is made from a bamboo viscose blend that is superior to more commonly used fabrics such as cotton. Why is bamboo the superior choice for men’s underwear?

Firstly, it’s more comfortable: bamboo fabric is much softer than other fabrics and won’t chafe or irritate your skin. 

Next, bamboo fabric contains antibacterial properties that help you stay clean and dry throughout the day, adding further comfort. 

Thirdly, harvesting bamboo is by far the most environmentally friendly option for creating fabrics, compared to other textiles.   

Bamboo is the most sustainable underwear fabric

To learn more about the amazing properties of bamboo, check out this blog post.

2. TBô is community-led 

Unlike virtually every other clothing brand, TBô thrives on creating products that its customers want—and includes them in every step of the product creation process. This is TBô’s Tribe: a community of more than 400,000 customers who gather on their online platform to discuss product ideas, features, and feedback. It’s an inclusive and welcoming space for men to share opinions and drive TBô to co-create the products that men really want to see.

An added bonus of the co-creation process is that no materials or resources are wasted with a product launch: because exactly enough is made to meet customer demand, the environmental impact of each product is drastically reduced. Simply put: TBô is better for the planet.

If you want to join this revolutionary movement in men’s fashion, you can take a peek here.

3. TBô underwear keeps you cool all the time

 The best men’s underwear to keep you cool and comfortable

With TBô underwear, you’ll never have to worry about uncomfortable sweating, or your “boys” overheating. TBô’s unique bamboo fabric, amongst its other positive properties, is incredibly breathable. As a naturally occurring material, it doesn’t require chemicals that would normally block air flow and irritate the skin. As a result, bamboo fabric lets moisture escape without causing dampness. I can already hear you breathing a sigh of relief!

And contrary to popular belief, wearing underwear is actually a lot better for your package than going commando (if you think that will keep them cooler)...check out this article for more info on why you shouldn’t ‘go commando’. 

4. TBô underwear makes you look and feel sexy 

It’s important that you look and feel good with each pair of underwear you put on. That’s why TBô underwear is specially cut to enhance your bulge—so you look and feel sexy and confident when the pants come off! You’ll thank us later.

Speaking of pants coming off, if you’re single and ready to mingle, you’ll want to check these tips for your next date!

5. TBô is in the news! 

TBô’s work and positive impact has been featured in leading magazines such as Forbes and Rolling Stone, continues to pick up steam in the press every week, and has been notably mentioned as  "some of the most popular pieces people are stocking up on right now to (comfortably) work from home."

6. TBô’s quality proof is in the (customer review) pudding

TBô takes great pride in delivering a high-quality product with excellent customer service across the board. Don’t believe us: just take a look through the hundreds of positive reviews rolling in from all around the world...with more coming in every day!

7. TBô has the best customer service in the business 

Speaking of excellent customer service: TBô takes care of every single customer personally, with what we call a “7-star community experience.”

For example, each product comes with 1-3 day delivery anywhere in the USA, and 1-8 days anywhere in the world. Plus, we continually respond to questions, comments, and feedback, and regularly optimize the TBô website to ensure a smooth, optimal experience for our community.

There they are: seven really good reasons to take the leap and give TBô a try. Our 400,000-strong Tribe believes in us, and we believe that you will, too. 

What are you waiting for? Check out our store and get started!

18 Jun 2021
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