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10+ Gifts for Mother's Day: Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

13 Apr 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Whether you’re shopping for a mom-to-be or have your own mothers to buy for, we know how overwhelming it can be searching for the perfect gift. We’ve all been there, scrambling to come up with something on short notice and not wanting to spend too much money. Luckily, we’ve found some amazing gift ideas for mom that won’t break the bank. 

Whether your mom is a fashionista, a foodie, or an avid reader, there is sure to be something on this list that will tickle her fancy! And don’t worry, while some of these gifts may seem like they’re from another generation, they’ll still be able to use them.

Top 10 Gifts for Mom That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for a gift that your mom will love, but doesn’t have to break the bank to afford? We’ve got you covered! These gifts range from affordable to under $20, meaning they’re perfect for all budgets.

An Intense Oil Treatment

Therapist squeezing the shoulder of an old man in a massage

If your mom is into her beauty products, she will absolutely love this gift! Choose between an intense golden oil treatment or an intense red oil treatment for a boost of color and hydration in her hair and skin.

A New Makeup Bag

Buy your mom a new makeup bag to store all her beauty products in! Whether she’s into makeup, skincare products, or both, there is plenty of space for it all in a new makeup bag.

A New Phone Case

If your mom is an iPhone user, this is the perfect gift! She will absolutely love a new phone case that has her daughter or granddaughter’s photo on it.

Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a good coffee mug, and they are an under $10 gift! Choose between a colorful coffee mug or a fun coffee mug that will brighten up her morning.

Bath Bombs

Hand holding three bath bombs on top of a bath tub

Bath bombs are a great gift for moms who enjoy baths, or who want to gift bath bombs to their friends and family! They are incredibly relaxing and can help with everything from dry skin to stress.


Everyone needs a good scarf in their closet, and they are a great gift for any woman in your mom’s life. Choose between a cozy scarf, a bright scarf, or a fashionable scarf to add a pop of color to her wardrobe

A New Bag

Everyone needs a good bag, and they’re an under $50 gift! Choose between a small backpack or a larger shoulder bag to add a pop of color to her day.

A New Journal

A Journal with a pen on top of it, open

If your mom is an artist, writer, or just loves to create in general, a journal is a must-have! They are incredibly soothing, therapeutic, and can help with everything from school stress to anxiety.


Fashion is a huge part of every woman’s life, and a gift card to a local boutique would be a great gift for any mom who loves fashion.


If your mom loves to cook, we have the perfect gift! Choose between a pressure-cooker, a gift card for a local grocery store, or a chef’s knife for a more practical gift.

Beauty Editor

If your mom is into beauty products, a gift card to Sephora or Ulta would be a great gift! They are both great places to find all different kinds of beauty products, from skincare to makeup.


If your mom loves to read, books are always a great gift. Choose between a classic book, or a more recent book to bring a smile to her face.

Wine Lover

If your mom loves to drink wine, we have the perfect wine accessory for her! Choose between a wine tote, a wine keychain, or a set of coasters to help her enjoy her wine in style.


If your mom is a homebody, a new decorative home organizer would be a great gift! They can help keep all her small items in one place, making them much easier to find.

Walks in the Park

If your mom loves to walk in the park, a new sporty pair of walking shoes would be perfect for her! They come in all different kinds of styles, so they would fit in with any wardrobe.

Classic and Comfortable

If your mom is a bit of a classic, this is the perfect gift for her! Choose between a pair of comfortable sweatpants or a cozy sweatshirt that she can wear every day.

Wrapping Ideas

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this year, or just don’t know what to get your mom, check out these easy wrapping ideas. Whether she’s a mom-to-be or has been there-done-that, they’re sure to love a gift they can use!

13 Apr 2022
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