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How it all started

15 Jan 2021

My name is Don and I'm proud member of the TBô Tribe. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with co-founders Allan and Roy to get a little more insight into the brand. Here's what they said.

Don : Hey Guys! Let’s start off with introductions and by telling us one thing about yourself…

Allan : Hey Don! Howzit going? My name is Allan Perrottet and I loooove candy! 

Roy : Heeeeey… I'm Roy Bernheim and I believe I used to be Nemo in a past life. Hahah.

Don : So TBô is known as the “Developed by you” brand. Can you tell me how it got started?

Allan : You know, Roy and I are Swiss, so we were having a normal day making chocolate and eating fondue. I'm kidding! We were just hanging out. That day I was fidgety to the point that Roy was like, "Dude, what's up with you?" And though I wasn't fully conscious of it, I realized then that the problem was actually my underwear riding up! 

Roy : I'd had the same issue. Was it too much to ask for comfortable underwear that didn't ride or chafe but that was stylish as well? This sent us on a recon to find the perfect pair, only to wind up empty handed. Then we asked friends and family what they were wearing and – guess what – all our male peers were having similar underwear challenges.

Allan : That's when it became our mission to find a solution.

Don : Crazy that a random conversation between two friends evolved into the idea for a range of bodywear. This brings me to my next question. As you know the concept of “co-creation” was absolutely foreign to me when I first stepped through these doors, but it's the reason why TBô is such a success story today. So, what is co-creation?

Allan : The days of a brand telling you what you want and what to buy are long gone. TBô has taken the approach of designing based on the community's feedback and input, 100%. And did I mention, that the Tribe now includes more than 400,000 men globally?

Roy : This ultimately led us to create a totally new fabric, a unique blend of super soft bamboo viscose and birch tree micro-modal that feels like you're not wearing anything at all. Co-creation has given us the opportunity to create and test the ultimate range of underwear to make you feel great and look great.      

Allan : We noticed that the more we asked questions and the more we listened, the better we understood the needs of men, the better the products turned out. 

Don : So you are telling me that all TBô products were designed purely based on the feedback from the community?

Roy : Yes! If you open a space for collaboration, people are more than happy to work together to achieve a common goal. Now the Tribe even weighs in on things like the logo and branding. 

Allan : Stepping away from the conventional industry standards has been the best decision we have ever made. At every stage of this journey, what the community told us was right. We are the first truly co-created underwear brand. 

Don : Cool story, guys. What's next?

Roy : Well, that depends on what the Tribe wants. Everyone reading is welcome to start designing or give feedback on TBô's co-creation page. 

Don : Great! Well, thank you for your input today. 

Roy : And thank you, Don, for filling the readers in on what makes TBô, TBô. 

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15 Jan 2021