All brands talk community.
But do they walk community?

TBô is the first community-led brand.
Join us in going community-owned.

Invest in a high growth consumer tech company
Be a shareholder with the same rights as the co-founders and early investors
Fund topline growth and further development of the community software
Own a part of the company
Be part of the 1st community-led brand

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For any questions on how to purchase, please drop us an email at investors@tbo.clothing and we’ll get back to you.

Need help

Need help

You Get

  • Tokenized, digital shares of a very fast growing business
  • Radically new business DirectByConsumer庐 model
  • Community base of 400,000 humans in 120 countries, growing quickly!

  • Over 25,000 products sold per month
  • Patent-pending community technology
  • Sustainable business model based on consumer data and machine learning
  • 3x higher loyalty rate compared to industry peers
  • Scalable through profitable unit economics and key market USA
  • Confirmed trademark registration in over 60 countries
become a shareholder

All tokens are shares of the same share class and profit from the same voting rights as all investors in the Company, including the co-founders and all early investors.

Growth and expectations

We are growing versus last year and expect this growth trajectory to continue. We’re investing the raised funds mainly in three areas: revenue growth, proprietary community tech development and product innovation.
The use of fund split is approximately 70/20/10.

As planned, September has been a month of growth. We're reviewing Q3 numbers and will share a more in-depth update on our KPI progress by mid October 2021 on this website. Further, we hold update calls every once in a while.

If you wish to get notified about update calls, please sign up

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We are deliberately unprofitable,
meaning that we are deliberately investing into growth and tech development

We do this because we see,

  • 01. favorable unit economics, i.e. a newly acquired customer is profitable within 90 days on average, and
  • 02.a significantly positive impact of our proprietary community tech, i.e. 3x higher repeat purchase rates for creators, >11 minutes daily average spent on the website, <30% bounce rate and further metrics about our tech below).

The more we raise, the quicker we grow and the quicker we deploy the new tech modules that are in the pipeline.

Our investors see us as a mid- to long-term company valuation growth play. We do not plan to pay out any dividends in 2021 or 2022.

Different from many startups, we can break even within 1.5 months. We have strong recurring revenues and our cost base is highly flexible. Having said this, we invest strongly into growth and tech development for mid- and long-term value creation.

Butts Covered & KPIs

Daily Page views per Visitor


vs 3.4

Daily Time on Site


vs 02.30min

Bounce Rate


vs 50%

Downloadable Pitch Presentation

Status: October 2021

To download, you will be asked to leave your name and contact details.

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The difference between Community-led vs. traditional business models 

Independent study by a data science researcher from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zürich) based on anonymized TBô data confirms that versus non-creators:

  • TBô Creators are 3x more likely to be repeat purchasers. 3 times.
  • TBô Creators have a 1.8x bigger basket size That’s almost double.
  • TBô Creators have a 1.5x higher purchasing frequency.

There are several key advantages of TBô’s radically collaborative approach to product design, brand development and sales over traditional business models, such as pure play direct-to-consumer or wholesale models.


Gets 35% repeat order rate within 90 days

11.5% over entire shop lifetime in the apparel e-commerce industry average



Produces only what’s needed

60% of clothing go unsold from shop to landfills (USA)



Launches new products profitably within 4-6 weeks

Time from product development to on-the-shelf is 3-18 months



Enables innovative product improvements that people actually want

Unnecessary mainstream products



Average of over 15 minutes daily spent on the website with 6.9 page views

2 minutes and 2 pages e-commerce industry average


Bounce rate

Under 25% bounce rate

50%+ bounce rate average in the e-commerce industry

become a shareholder

Proprietary community software

We couldn’t find a software that enabled us to host our community, let everyone connect and develop great new products together.

So we built it ourselves.

Almost overnight after deployment, we saw:

  • +20% jump in Average Order Value from first time customers.
  • Average daily visitor time spent on site jump from 2:30 minutes to 15:30 minutes 馃挜. That includes all visitors who might spend 5 seconds on the site. An average of over 15 minutes is almost as long as a miniseries 馃槷
  • Page views per visitor 馃 jumped to almost 7 pages on average.
  • And with that the bounce rate dropped to under 25% for context: anything under 50% for a relatively new brand is very strong

As a result of all this engagement:鈥∣ur website Alexa rank and Search Engine Optimization soared without spending more on marketing 馃捁馃殌

We have several further features and optimizations in the immediate pipeline and will be deploying those over the coming weeks and months.

Features will include social commerce, gamification, and data automation modules.

* We do not disclose more about upcoming feature releases at this stage.

Traction and growth Plans

We’ve grown from 0 to selling more than 25,000 products per month within 3 years, and that at an accelerated rate. Now is a key moment to invest into our growth and tech.

Scalable growth of the TB么 community and sales

  • Average new customer profitable within 3 months of acquisition at scale
  • New customer acquisition across the different acquisition channels
  • Nurturing existing customer base
  • Expanding product range to include further categories, such as activewear and loungewear
  • Strong focus on key markets, such as North America, and our home market Switzerland

Further development of our patent-pending community technology

  • Highly positive impact of our community software on key metrics, such as average order value, customer repeat order rate, engagement on website and product innovation lifecycle
  • Further development of TB么 community software
  • Deployment of new features (social commerce, gamification, live streaming and selling)
  • Optimization of existing tech stack for increase conversion, speed and user-friendliness

Peers and market development

The TBô security token valuation is based on fundamental market analysis, peer comparisons and was confirmed by a recent due diligence and investment round conducted by professional angel investors.

At the launch of the security token, the company valuation started at just 10% above the recent private investment round conducted by the professional angel investors.

The 10% price difference comes from:

  • Early commitment: the investors committed at least 3 months before the launch of the token,
  • Ticket size: the private investment round had a minimum ticket size of CHF 200,000.-, and
  • Lock-up period: the angel investors agreed to adhere to right of first refusal clauses until at least 30 June 2023 and even then only 10% of their total investment can be converted to transferable tokens.
In $Core Business ModelStock ListedLargest MarketInnovation% Revenue Digital Direct-To-CustomerMarket CapRevenue / Market Cap MultipleRevenueYoY GrowthEarnings
Consumer data informed, not comunity-led

How does all of this work?

This is a completely new way to buy and sell shares.

Contrary to stock exchanges, in this model, shares are sold from the company directly to the investor and sold from the investor back to the company.


The company holds its own shares in reserve. These tokenized shares are put in the reserve on the backend of this website.

When an investor buys shares on this website through the Brokerbot, the shares are sent from the company reserve to the investor’s wallet (Aktionariat app). The investor’s money goes directly to the company and the company starts to work/invest with the funds to grow further.

Selling shares back is enabled when the company deposits a cash reserve on the backend of this website.There is only a spot price (the one indicated in your Aktionariat app). Since the company sells and buys shares directly from the investor, the bid and the ask price are the same

Where does my money go when I purchase TBô share tokens?

Paying by bank transfer
The funds go directly to the UBS bank account of Comon Accelerator Holding AG (i.e. the mother company of TBô) and are ready to be invested into growth and tech development by the TBô management team.

Paying by ETH or XCHF
the funds go directly to the wallet of Comon Accelerator Holding AG (i.e. the mother company of TBô) and are ready to be invested into growth and tech development by the TBô management team.

Where does money come from when I sell my TBô share tokens?

The funds come directly out of the wallet of Comon Accelerator Holding AG (i.e. the mother company of TBô)

3 stages of tokenization

We鈥檙e about to go into phase 2 of 3 stages.
Phase 0

Pre-registration to secure a spot in Phase 1: Fixed share price

Phase 1

Limited amount of shares available at a fixed share price

Primary shares sold from company to investor

  • Share selling price remains the same for every investor in phase 1 until all reserved shares have been purchased
  • Lower price point compared to phase 2
  • First come first serve basis (pre-registration date and amount commitment considered)
Phase 2

We are here

Issuance of further shares at a floating price

Primary shares sold from company to investor

  • Price goes up as more shares are purchased by investors, and down if shares are sold back to the company
Phase 3

Listing on token exchanges鈥╗in future]

Give option for trading shares on secondary market

  • Shareholders will be able to trade shares with third-parties through exchanges
Model explained
  • Phase 1:
  • Fixed price: 104.5 CHF /limited tokens available
  • Phase 2:
  • Starting price: 114.95 CHF: price changes incrementally along slope with every share sold/purchased
  • Phase 3:
  • Peer-to-peer trading and price development/not planned yet

International and highly experienced team

Roy Bernheim

Co-Founder CEO

  • 8+ years experience in branding, omnichannel market expansion and venture acceleration
  • Formerly built the Own Brands department for Asia Pacific for a stock-listed CPG company
  • Negotiated $150m+, 15-years licensing deal for Asia Pacific with Procter & Gamble HQ
  • Formerly Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at large-scale distribution company (>30,000 FTEs)
  • Digital Marketing at Columbia University (US)
  • Economics at UCL and LSE (UK)
Allan Perrottet

Co-Founder COO/CTO

  • 5+ years entrepreneurial experience in ecommerce, digital marketing, media buying, coding, quality management and fashion
  • 2+ years experience in fashion and supply chain Strong experience in quality assurance and process optimization at EdelCert
  • Sergeant at Elite Unit at Swiss Army
  • Digitalmarketer Program
  • Economics at Fribourg University (CH)
Matt Soroka

Head Community Marketing

  • 9+ years experience building online and offline community with community-generated content
  • Previously built his own online and offline magazine for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with >5m Youtube views and 320k online followers
  • Arts in History at University of Toronto
Angel Wong

Head Product and Supply Chain

  • 10+ years experience in product development, merchandising, sourcing and quality assurance
  • 5+ years experience in supply chain management
  • Former Key Manager at leading manufacturer of underwear and lingerie
  • Fashion and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Notable investors

Nicolas B眉rer

Investor & Board Member

  • Serial entrepreneur, investor and highly connected in the tech and startup scene
  • Managing Director of digitalswitzerland
  • Angel of the Year 2018
  • Co-Founder of MOVU
  • Former Chief Revenue and CMO at deindeal.ch
Luzius Meisser


  • Serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Bitcoin Suisse
  • Runs the Meisser Economics (meissereconomics.com)
  • Founded Bitcoin Association Switzerland
  • Former CTO of the encrypted cloud storage service Wuala
  • CEO & Co-Founder of Aktionariat AG
Bruno Sidler


  • Over 30 years of supply chain, market expansion and venture investing
  • COO of Lonrho Ltd an investment company focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Member of the Board of Nasdaq listed SPAC Logistics Innovation Technology (LITT)
  • Senior Advisor to 8VC a leading U.S. Venture Capital firm
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Scan Global Logistics, Denmark
  • Former Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board of DKSH Holding AG, CEVA Group
  • Former President of the Regional Advisory Board of the Swiss National Bank
Kai Ming Lau

Investor & Advisor Asia

  • Senior executive with 10+ years experience in ecommerce, retail, M&A and distribution
  • Highly connected in ecommerce, supply chain and manufacturing
  • Director, Digital Strategy at DFS Group
  • Former Head Ecommerce Greater China, DKSH
Adrian Keller


  • Over 30 years of venture investing
  • Vice Chairman and principal owner of Diethelm Keller Holding, a private family holding company
  • Chairman of DKSH Holding AG from 2004 to 2020 and Honorary Chairman since, a SIX-listed company with over CHF 11bn revenue
  •  Over 20 years on Wall street including Partnership in a NASD broker firm and a private investment firm
  • Advisory Board Member of the University of St. Gallen
  • Executive Board Member of the Swiss American Foundation
  • Chairman of the Asia Society Switzerland Foundation and Global Trustee
Harald Philipp


  •  Electronic engineer and entrepreneur with over 90 patents primarily in the field of electronic sensors.
  • His inventions in touch controls and touch screens revolutionized the mobile phone industry starting with the iPhone but also virtually everything produced today that uses touch technology.
  • Founder of Quantum Research Group which won numerous awards including two simultaneous Queen’s Awards in 2007 for innovation and international trade.
  • Founder & CEO of Ultry Swiss, ultra-high quality Swiss formulated and produced nutritional products that enhance the immune system.

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How community-led works

TBô is the first community-led menswear brand.

This radically new consumer-empowering model minimizes waste, increases conversions and builds loyalty. It’s the ultimately sustainable model: socially, economically, and ecologically.

It’s design thinking come to life.

Together with the community of more than 400,000 creators, TBô develops the most sustainable, comfortable everyday sports- and bodywear — from water-saving, eco-friendly and biodegradable raw materials that make you look and feel great.

These are all collaboratively created through our own community software. To get a real feel for how this works, check for yourself on: tbo.clothing/community


TBô c/o ComOn Accelarator Holding AG is a Swiss corporation based in Zurich with trade register number CHE-251.952.917. 鈥ㄢ

Its capital is divided into 189'482 shares with a nominal value of 1.0 CHF each, out of which 17'225 shares are held by the company itself. 

On the basis of a Registration Agreement, 17'225 TBô c/o ComOn Accelarator Holding AG are registered on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens named TBo Shares SHA (TBOS). The current market price per share is 104.50 CHF, implying a market capitalization of 18'000'000 CHF.

Trade history

The trade history widget shows the five most recent share transactions. The complete trade history is also available for download as a CSV file. If you wish to be notified about future trades and other notable events concerning our share tokens, subscribe here: 

Shareholder registry

Shareholders can either register their shares with the form, using a wallet of their choice, or by holding their shares with the Aktionariat wallet app for IOS or Android.

鈥ㄢ∣nce registered, newly purchased blockchain shares will automatically be added to the shareholder registry in your name. 鈥ㄢ

For details, please consult our shareholder-agreement


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